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Dr. Jamie Dunlea

Dr Jamie Dunlea is a Senior Researcher for the Language Assessment Research Group at the British Council, based in London. He has 25 years of experience working in EFL education, first as a teacher, then in test development and production and assessment research. He has worked on a number of large-scale national and international test development projects as well as advising institutions and ministries on assessment reform in education systems. Jamie joined the British Council in 2013, and was previously Chief Researcher at the Eiken Foundation of Japan, a not-for-profit organization which develops and administers large-scale EFL examinations in Japan. His areas of interest and recent work include the application of validity theory to local testing contexts and linking examinations to frameworks and standards such as the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). While in Japan, Jamie designed and led a major standard-setting study to link the seven different examinations which make up the EIKEN set of level-specific tests to the CEFR. The project included a collaborative study with a researcher in Spain to validate the standard setting carried in Japan in a European context.  He also led the validation and research agenda for the development of new test of academic English proficiency for high-stakes university entrance use in Japan, with that test designed from the beginning to incorporate the CEFR into the design and reporting.


Since joining the British Council, he has led the research agenda for the Aptis test, an innovative recent addition to the assessment field which has also incorporated the CEFR into its design and reporting. He is active in the international assessment research community, and regularly presents at international conferences. His research interests include standard setting in relation to the CEFR and integrating the latest developments in validity theory with the experience and expertise of educational and assessment practitioners working in local contexts.

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