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Fudan University: The host of PROMS 2018

Fudan University, referred to as “Fudan”, is located in Shanghai China, from People’s Republic of China directly under the Ministry of education, the central government vice ministerial level institution, ranked 211, 985 engineering projects, selected two first-class, “Mount Everest project”, “111” and “2011 plan”, “outstanding doctor training plan”, “nine school alliance members, members of the association of university presidents Chinese, AEARU members of the association, University of the Pacific, twenty-first Century University ring members of the association of members of the association, is a comprehensive research of the national key university.

Fudan University was founded in 1905, formerly known as Fudan University, is the first institution of higher learning Chinese independently, the founder of modern famous educator Chinese Ma, first manager Dr. Sun Zhongshan. School “Fudan” two words from “big Shang Yu Xia Zhuan” famous “moon Guanghua, Dan Fudan Xi”, intended to China intellectuals was unremitting self-improvement, sustenance independent school, education of hope. 1917, Fudan University was renamed the private Fudan University; in 1937 after the outbreak of the war, the school moved to Chongqing, Beibei, and in 1941 changed to “national”; 1946 moved back to Shanghai Jiangwan site; 1952 national higher education institutions adjustment, Fudan University to become a comprehensive university with the science foundation in 1959 to become the national key university. In 2000, the former Fudan University merged with the former Shanghai Medical University to form a new Fudan University. As of May 2017, the school covers an area of 2 million 449 thousand and 900 square meters, building area of 2 million 2 thousand square meters.

Fudan student remember “erudite and Atsushi, asked and thought” motto, adherence to the “civilization, health, unity, and” spirit of practice “hard, rigorous, realistic and innovative style of study, carry forward the patriotic dedication, academic independence, all rivers run into sea, the pursuit of excellence” spirit of Fudan, to service state responsibility, as the fundamental to cultivate talents, to reform and make new contribution to the realization of the dream China.